StorageView 🔎

Flutter inspector tool for any database, storage and shared_preferences.
Check and modify database values from UI of application.

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Getting started

Follow these steps to use this package

Add dependency

  storage_view: ^0.1.0-dev.1

Add import package

import 'package:storage_view/storage_view.dart';

Implement driver

The package uses a driver StorageDriver to interact with the database.
In order to connect your database you should use one of available drivers:

Or create your own StorageDriver implementation like there:

class MockStorageDriver implements StorageDriver {
  final _data = <String, dynamic>{
    'test_id' : 'test',

  FutureOr<Set<String>> getKeys<String>() {
    return _data.keys.toSet() as Set<String>;

  FutureOr<T?> read<T>(String key) {
    return _data[key] as T;

  FutureOr<void> write<T>({required String key, required T value}) {
    _data[key] = value;

  FutureOr<void> delete(String key) {

Implement StoargeView

After the driver was connected, you can use StorageView anywhere in your application.

final _mockStorageDriver = MockStorageDriver();
    body: StorageView(storageDriver: _mockStorageDriver),

Additional information

The project is under development and ready for your pull-requests and issues 👍
Thank you for support ❤️

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