Flutter Responsive Text

A new Flutter package to make your texts Responsive. The Package will Assist you to calculate size of texts and wieghts. Specify which Type of Texts you want to show such as headline, bodytext, subtitle text or caption text so that is all...


  • Determine the Size of text depends on the screen height + width.
  • Specify the Weight of texts depend on the Text Type.

Getting started

Run one of these Commands to install

  dart pub add responsive_text
  flutter pub add responsive_text

or add this line in pubspec.yaml

  responsive_text: ^version


  • Import the Package where you want to use it
  import 'package:responsive_text/responsive_text.dart';
  • Use the Widget jus like simple Text Widget plus one new field named 'TextType'
  const ResponsiveMyText(
                'Please Enter some text !',
                textType: TextType.bodyText1,
                style: TextStyle(color: Colors.black),