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Rename Flutter applications in one command.

This package assumes that you created your flutter project using flutter create command line.


Add dependency

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_rename_app_plus3: ^1.2.3

Define Settings

  application_name: Bank App
  dart_package_name: bank_app
  application_id: com.android.bank
  bundle_id: com.ios.bank
  android_package_name: com.bank.app
  ios_bundle_name: Bank
setting description required
application_name Your application's name yes
dart_package_name The dart package name (used in all imports in your lib or test directories) no
application_id The android application_id, must be unique on the Play Store no
bundle_id The iOS bundle_id, must be unique on the Apple Store no
ios_bundle_name no
android_package_name The android package_name, used only for the architecture of your android files no

Run package

Make sure that your current working directory is the project root.

Make sure to be able to get back to previous state in case something went wrong, by commiting your work before running the package for example.

flutter pub get
flutter pub run flutter_rename_app_plus3

Credits 👍

Forked of https://github.com/flutter-fast-kit/flutter_rename_app_plus