flutter_remote_display is a package and protocol to use a remote (bluetooth-connected) MCU as an "external" flutter display.

DISCLAIMER: This is a very early prototype / proof of concept. Expect bugs and suboptimal performance.


  • Connect to remote MCU, running the flutter-remote-display display code, using bluetooth (classic)
  • The basic remote-display protocol on the MCU is implemented in an MCU-agnostic way, it just depends on FreeRTOS. So you can just depend on it and use it's interfaces to make your custom MCU and board work.
  • Currently supported devices in upstream are:
  • flutter-remote-display currently uses Bluetooth Classic and the bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile). for that, it uses flutter_bluetooth_serial, which is Android-only
  • for that reason, flutter_remote_display is Android-only right now as well.

Getting started

This project consists of multiple parts, and the flutter_remote_display package is just the flutter part. The instructions on how to use it all are in the monorepo: https://github.com/KDABLabs/flutter-remote-display.git


See the example at: https://github.com/KDABLabs/flutter-remote-display/blob/main/flutterino_flutter/lib/main.dart