The complete Remix Icon pack available as Flutter Icons. This package acts as a more attractive replacement for the default Material icon set.

Getting Started

This plugin is the Flutter port of the Remix Icons pack. This icon pack provides a very beautiful and modern alternative to the FontAwesome PRO with a very flexible license suitable for both commercial and free use.

You can visit the icons source project for a full list of all the available icons. I'll do my best to make sure this project is always up-to-date and in sync with the Remix project.


Simply include the flutter_remix in your pubsec.yaml

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_remix: ^0.0.1

Then run the flutter packages get command (some IDE's such as IntelliJ will prompt you to do this or do it for you automatically).


  1. Import the library

     import 'package:flutter_remix/flutter_remix.dart'
  2. Use is anywhere you can use an IconData such as in the Icon widget. E.g.



FlutterRemix (Remix icons for Flutter)