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A Widget you can use to show a Redux Time Travel UI. Simply put it in a part of your UI that makes sense (Such as a Dev Tools Drawer), pass it a DevToolsStore and you'll be good to go!

Note: This Widget does not work with a normal Redux Store. It is meant to work with the redux_dev_tools package, which provides a DevToolsStore. The DevToolsStore is a drop-in replacement for your Store during Development!


A simple Flutter app that allows you to Increment and Decrement a counter.

A screenshot of the Dev Tools in Action


  1. Create a main_dev.dart file
  2. In this file, create a DevToolsStore in place of a normal redux Store
  3. Create a ReduxDevTools widget, passing through the Store. You can place this Widget wherever makes sense in your app! One good suggestion: In a "Dev Tools Drawer." This is generally the endDrawer in your Scaffold, and can contain different types of tools for a Dev Build of your app.


This example paints only a broad outline of how to use the ReduxDevTools. For a complete example, see the example folder.

int addReducer(int state, action) => state + 1;

// Create a DevToolsStore instead of a normal Store during Development
final store = DevToolsStore<int>(
  initialState: 0,

// Finally, create your app with a Redux Dev Tools
main() { 
    home: Scaffold(
      endDrawer: ReduxDevTools<int>(store),


All of this is inspired by the original Redux Devtools.





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