Flutter Reaction Button

pub package

Flutter button reaction it is fully customizable widget such as Facebook reaction button.



Flutter reaction button


Include 'flutter_reaction_button' from Dart Pub.

# pubspec.yaml

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_reaction_button: <last-version>

Next, import 'flutter_reaction_button.dart' into your dart code.

import 'package:flutter_reaction_button/flutter_reaction_button.dart';


parameter description default
OnReactionChanged triggered when reaction button value change
reactions reactions appear in reactions box when long pressed on ReactionnButtonToggle or click on ReactionButton
initialReaction Default reaction button widget first item in reactions list
boxPosition Vertical position of reactions box relative to the button VerticalPosition.TOP
boxHorizontalPosition Horizontal position of reactions box relative to the button HorizontalPosition.START
boxOffset Offset to reposition the box from the computed place Offset.zero
boxColor Reactions box color Colors.white
boxElevation Reactions box elevation 5
boxRadius Reactions box radius 50
boxPadding Reactions box padding const EdgeInsets.all(0)
boxDuration Reactions box show/hide duration 200 milliseconds
shouldChangeReaction Should change initial reaction after selected one or not true
itemScale Scale ratio when item hovered 0.3
itemScaleDuration Scale duration while dragging const Duration(milliseconds: 100)