Flutter Progress Status

A simple widget that can be used to display progress status of a task, use the provided properties to customise the way you like.

How to use

  radius: 150,
  strokeWidth: 20,
  fillValue: 50,


  • radius
    Use this to set the size of the circle default minimum = 15.0 and default maximum = deviceWidth will be applied.

  • fillValue
    Use this to set the fill position.

  • fillColor
    Use this to set the fill color where default is blue color.

  • backgroundColor
    Use this to set the track background color where default is grey color.

  • isStrokeCapRounded
    Use this to set if stroke cap is rounded, default is true.

  • strokeWidth
    Use this to set the width of the track default is 5.0.

  • showCenterText
    Use this to show/hide the percentage in the middle of the circle, default is true.

  • centerTextStyle
    Use this to style the center text.

  • centerTextAlignment
    Use this to position the center text inside the circle.

  • animationDuration
    Use this to set the duration of the animation, default is 1 second.

  • animationCurve
    Use this to set the curve for the animation, default is Curves.fastOutSlowIn.