Flutter Plugin Tools

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Flutter Plugin Tools implements a CLI with various productivity tools for hosting multiple Flutter plugins in one github repository. It is mainly used by the flutter/plugins and flutter/flutterfire repositories. It was mainly written to facilitate testing on Travis for these repositories (see .travis.yml).

As an example, Flutter Plugin Tools allows you to:

  • Build all plugin example apps with one command
  • Run the tests of all plugins with one command
  • Format all Dart, Java, Objective-C, and C++ code in the repository
  • Define shards of the above tasks


In order to use the tools you need to enable them once by running the following command:

$ pub global activate flutter_plugin_tools


To use all features of flutter_plugin_tools you'll need the following commands in your PATH:

  • flutter
  • git
  • pub (recommended: version from <path/to/flutter>/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin)
  • clang-format version 5 (alternatively, you can provide the path via --clang-format=)
  • pod (macOS only)


$ pub global run flutter_plugin_tools <command>
$ pub global run flutter_plugin_tools <command> --shardIndex 0 --shardCount 3

Run commands from the flutter/plugins directory. Replace <command> with help to print a list of available commands. The sharded example above divides the plugins into three shards and executes the tool on the first shard (index 0).