Flutter Pluggy Connect SDK (Beta)

Flutter bindings for our Pluggy Connect widget.


dart pub add flutter_pluggy_connect

Additional Android setup

  • Update the minSdkVersion to 17 if it is <= 16 in android/app/build.gradle:
defaultConfig {
    minSdkVersion 17
  • Add the following permission in your AndroidManifest.xml if you don't have it:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

Basic Usage

import 'dart:convert';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:flutter_pluggy_connect/flutter_pluggy_connect.dart';

void main() {
        home: Scaffold(
            body: PluggyConnect(connectToken: '<connect token>'))),
  • A full working example is available in the example folder.


The available configuration parameters are the following:

connectTokenYour Pluggy Connect token, which will be used to access the API.StringN/A
includeSandboxWhether to display Sandbox connectors in the Connector selection step (not intended for production use)boolfalse
updateItemItem id to update. If specified, the modal will display directly the credentials form of the item to be updated.StringN/A
connectorTypesList of Connector Types. If defined, only Connectors of the specified connector types will be listed.List<String>N/A
connectorIdsList of Connector IDs. If defined, only Connectors of the specified connector IDs will be listed.List<int>N/A
countriesList of country codes (ISO-3166-1 alpha 2 format). If defined, only Connectors of the specified countries will be listed.List<String>N/A
languageLanguage ISO String (2-letter) used to display the widget. If not specified, or if the selected language is not supported, the default 'pt' will be used.StringBrowser language
onSuccessFunction to execute when an Item has been created/updated successfully.void Function(dynamic data)No op
onErrorFunction to execute on a general error loading the widget, or when an Item creation/update status has not been successful.void Function(dynamic error)No op
onOpenFunction to execute when the widget modal has been opened.VoidCallbackNo op
onCloseFunction to execute when the widget modal has been closed.VoidCallbackNo op
onEventFunction to execute to handle custom user interaction events. See the docs for more info.Since v2.0.0:
void Function(dynamic payload)
Until 1.x:
void Function(String event, dynamic metadata)
No op

See our official Pluggy Connect widget documentation for more detailed information.