Photon For Flutter

flutter_photon_rs is dart ffi to photon library, Photon is a high-performance Rust image processing library, which compiles to WebAssembly, allowing for safe, blazing-fast image processing both natively and on the web.

Supported platforms:

  • Android
  • IOS

💻 Usage

import 'package:flutter_photon_rs/flutter_photon_rs.dart';
import 'package:image_picker/image_picker.dart';

// Use ImagePicker to get image from source and read as bytes
final _picker = ImagePicker();
final image = await _picker.getImage(

if (image != null) {
  final imageBytes = await image.readAsBytes();
  // returns Uint8List which you can use to store, 
  // or show on Image.memory() widget
  final bytes = await Photon.process(
    bytes: imageBytes,
    filters: [
        radius: 20,
    outputFormat: OutputFormat.Jpeg,

🌟 Features

  • x Implement Photon rust lib all features
  • x Fix Exif Reading (Image Rotation) Issue
  • x Make Proper with Documentation
  • Publish on
  • X Add Support For IOS
  • Write Rust And Flutter Test
  • Benchmark
  • Refactor Code for readability and efficiency