#example #A Flutter plugin for showing rainbows. #Use machine learning to categorize bird sounds. #Does not work on iOS versions below 10.3. 基于flutter&Dart的万年历


##Features Use this plugin in your Flutter app to: #TODO:在这里添加列表

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///展示日历的example,可以通过点击"选择日期"进入选择日期界面 example

///选择日期界面 PCUSingleActionRoute

///基于历法而衍生出的日历业务逻辑 WHUCalendarCal

String? currentDateStr()

Map? loadDataWith(String dateStr)

Map calendarMapWith(DateTime date)

void turnCalendarMapWithCallBack(String dateStr,void Function(Map? dic) completeBlk)

Map getPreCalendarMap(String dateStr)

Map getNextCalendarMap(String dateStr)

void preMonthCalendar(String dateStr, void Function(Map?) completionBlk)

void nextMonthCalendar(String dateStr, void Function(Map?) completionBlk)

String titleOfPreMonth(String dateStr)

String titleOfNextMonth(String dateStr)

String? getCommonHoliday(DateTime calendarDay)

DateTime getFirstDayOfMonth(DateTime date)

DateTime getLastDayOfMonth(DateTime date)

DateTime getPreMonth(DateTime date)

DateTime getLastMonth(DateTime date)

/// 获取这个月的天数
static int getDaysInMonth(int year, int month)

///类注释:历法业务逻辑 PWBCalendarBusiness ///方法注释: 返回传入日期的公曆描述 String stringFromDate()

PWBSkyTrunkModel skyTrunkYear()

PWBEarthBranchModel earthBranchYear()

String? shengXiao()

PWBSkyTrunkModel skyTrunkMonth()

PWBEarthBranchModel earthBranchMonth()

PWBSkyTrunkModel skyTrunkDay()

PWBEarthBranchModel earthBranchDay()

PWBSkyTrunkModel skyTrunkHour()

///方法注释:时支:  以節氣轉換為準
PWBEarthBranchModel earthBranchHour()

/// 方法注释:十神函数
PWBTenGodModel getTenGod(PWBSkyTrunkModel aBranch)

/// 方法注释:获取十神名字的竖排版显示方式
String? getTenGodForVerticalName(PWBSkyTrunkModel aBranch)

/// 方法注释:返回該年月的天數
int monthDaysInYear(int y, int m)

/// 方法注释:該年閏月
int doubleMonthInYear(int y)

/// 方法注释:該年閏月天數
int doubleMonthDaysInYear(int y)