Unofficial PayU Money Flutter Plugin supports Android & iOS.

Flutter Payu Unofficial uses Mobile SDK provided by PayU Money Dev Team

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Getting started

Add dependency in pubspec.yaml

flutter_payu_unofficial: 1.0.3

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Plug n Play Simple to install, ready to use UI
Auto Read OTP Auto read OTP on supported platform
PayU Money Mobile SDK Based on PayU Money Mobile SDK for iOS and Android
Null Safety :white_check_mark:

Android Installation

Edit AndroidManifest.xml

Put this line in AndroidManifest.xml's manifest tag



<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"  
  xmlns:tools="http://schemas.android.com/tools" <--------- Paste here 

And put this line in application tag after android:label

  tools:replace="android:label" <--------- Paste here >

For iOS no configuration is needed

Usage Examples

Prepare Payment Parameters

// Prepare Payament Parameters.

PaymentParams _paymentParam = PaymentParams(  
		  merchantID: "Merchant ID",  
		  merchantKey: "Merchant Key",  
		  salt: "Salt",  
		  amount: "100",  
		  transactionID: "TXNID1234567890",  
		  firstName: "FirstName",
		  email: "Test@test.com",  
		  productName: "Test Product",  
		  phone: "9876543210",  
		  fURL: "https://www.payumoney.com/mobileapp/payumoney/failure.php",  
		  sURL: "https://www.payumoney.com/mobileapp/payumoney/success.php",  
		  udf1: "udf1",  
		  udf2: "udf2",  
		  udf3: "udf3",  
		  udf4: "udf4",  
		  udf5: "udf5",  
		  udf6: "",  
		  udf7: "",  
		  udf8: "",  
		  udf9: "",  
		  udf10: "",  
		  hash: "",  
		  isDebug: true,); // true for Test Mode, false for Production
		  //also disables logs in production
		  //default is false

Initiate Payment

// returns PayuPaymentResult object

PayuPaymentResult _paymentResult = await FlutterPayUMoney.initiatePayment(
		paymentParams: _paymentParam, 
		showCompletionScreen: false);
		//false will not show in built success/failure screens
		//default is true

Compare result

// PayuPaymentResult.status is String and PayuPaymentStatus class have some generic statuses to compare cleanly.
// Actual response is in PayuPaymentResult.response.
// Response is Map<dynamic,dynamic> and direct from SDK nothing changed.

	if (_paymentResult.status == PayuPaymentStatus.success) {  
	  print("Success: ${_paymentResult.response}");  
	} else if (_paymentResult.status == PayuPaymentStatus.failed) {  
	  print("Failed: ${_paymentResult.response}");  
	} else if (_paymentResult.status == PayuPaymentStatus.cancelled) {  
	  print("Cancelled by User: ${_paymentResult.response}");  
	} else {  
	  print("Response: ${_paymentResult.response}");  
	  print("Status: ${_paymentResult.status}");