Stripe Flutter SDK

The Stripe Flutter SDK makes it quick and easy to build an excellent payment experience in your Flutter app. We provide powerful and customizable UI screens and elements that can be used out-of-the-box to collect your users' payment details.

Get started with Stripe 📚 integration guides and example projects, or 📘 browse the SDK reference.


Simplified Security: We make it simple for you to collect sensitive data such as credit card numbers and remain PCI compliant. This means the sensitive data is sent directly to Stripe instead of passing through your server. For more information, see our Integration Security Guide.

SCA-Ready: The SDK automatically performs native 3D Secure authentication if needed to comply with Strong Customer Authentication regulation in Europe.

Stripe API: If you want to use low-level APIs, use our Stripe Dart.

Native UI: We provide native screens and elements to collect payment and shipping details. For example, PaymentCardTextField is a Widget that collects and validates card details.


We welcome contributions of any kind including new features, bug fixes, and documentation improvements. Please first open an issue describing what you want to build if it is a major change so that we can discuss how to move forward. Otherwise, go ahead and open a pull request for minor changes such as typo fixes and one liners.