Google Pay Preparing


See Android documentation

Apple Pay Preparing


See Apple documentation


Firstly, you need to make sure, that Pay api is available on device:

import 'package:flutter_pay/flutter_pay.dart';

FlutterPay flutterPay = FlutterPay();

bool isAvailable = await flutterPay.canMakePayments();

If you need to check if user has at least one active card:

import 'package:flutter_pay/flutter_pay.dart';

FlutterPay flutterPay = FlutterPay();

bool isAvailable = await flutterPay.canMakePaymentsWithActiveCard();

//Also you can state allowed payment card networks:
bool isAvailable = await flutterPay.canMakePaymentsWithActiveCard(
	allowedPaymentNetworks: [

To make payment is requestPayment method. This function will return to you token that you need to send to your gateway to complete payment. Example:

import 'package:flutter_pay/flutter_pay.dart';

PaymentItem item = PaymentItem(name: "T-Shirt", price: 2.98);

FlutterPay flutterPay = FlutterPay();

flutterPay.setEnvironment(environment: PaymentEnvironment.Test);

String token = await flutterPay.requestPayment(
      googleParameters: GoogleParameters(
        gatewayName: "example",
        gatewayMerchantId: "example_id",
		merchantId: "example_merchant_id",
		merchantName: "exampleMerchantName",
          AppleParameters(merchantIdentifier: "merchant.flutterpay.example"),
      currencyCode: "USD",
      countryCode: "US",
      paymentItems: items,

Note that some arguments affects only Apple Pay or Google Pay. For example, paymentItems affects only Apple Pay. And the last item is used for grand total label.

merchantName affects only Google Pay and will be shown to user.

gatewayName also affects only Google Pay. See Google Pay integration section.

Payment Network matrix

Payment Network iOS Android
Visa + +
MasterCard + +
American Express + +
Interac + +
Discover + +
JCB + +
Maestro +
Electron +
Cartes Bancarries +
Union Pay +
EftPos +
Elo +
ID Credit +
Mada +
Private Label +
Quic Pay +
Suica +
V Pay +


  • x Basic implementation
  • Complete docs
  • Add merchant capabilities support
  • Add billing and shipping info support