This package based on PAX Device with NetptuneLiteApi SDK




flutter pub add flutter_pax_printer_utility

Set minify and shrink on your buildtype gradle

add this line in your build.gradle
buildTypes {
    release {
        minifyEnabled false
        shrinkResources false

What this package do

  • Init Printer => use init
  • Get Status Printer => use getStatus
  • set setGray level => use setGray
  • set Print => use setInvert
  • Change font set => use fontSet
  • Change space set => use spaceSet
  • Write some text => use printStr
  • Jump (n) lines => use step
  • Bold mode on/off => use setDoubleWidth and setDoubleHeight to true
  • Print Qrcodes => use printQRCode
  • Cut paper - Dedicated method just to cut the line
  • Print image from asset or from web (example show how to print both) => use printImageUrl
  • Print Bitmap => use printBitmap
  • Print Image From Asset => use printImageAsset
  • Set Left Indents => use leftIndents
  • Draw a divisor line
  • Print all types of Barcodes (see enum below)
  • Print rows like recepit with custom width and alignment
  • Able to combine with some esc/pos code that you already have!
  • Printer serial no - Get the serial number of the printer
  • Printer version - Get the printer's version
  • Printer paper size - Get the paper size ( 0: 80mm 1: 58mm)

Other Function

  • Tempalte Print Receipt With QR => printReceiptWithQr
  • Template Print Receipt => printReceipt
  • Tempalte Print QR with info => printQRReceipt

If you have an Pax Terminal printer and need help with integration process, just Contact Me

Tested Devices

PAX A920 

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