Official Pagecall Flutter SDK

This is the official Pagecall Flutter SDK developed and maintained by Pagecall Inc.


In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

  flutter_pagecall: <latest_version>

For Android build, generate Github access token with read:packages scope on Github profile setting, then set GITHUB_USERNAME and GITHUB_TOKEN for your environment variables or put these as properties of the Android root project when running your app.

GITHUB_USERNAME=<username> GITHUB_TOKEN=<token> flutter run  # when running as command

For iOS build, in Info.plist of your iOS workspace, make sure you set NSMicrophoneUsageDescription. Also, those UIBackgroundModes should be enabled: audio, fetch, voip.


Check the following Dart code or example directory of this repository.

PagecallViewController? _pagecallViewController;
  child: PagecallView(
    mode: "meet",
    roomId: "<room id>",
    accessToken: "<access token>",
    onViewCreated: (controller) {
      _pagecallViewController = controller;
    onLoaded: () {
    onMessage: (message) {
      debugPrint('Received message=$message');
    onTerminated: (reason) {
    onError: (error) {
    debuggable: true,
_pagecallViewController?.sendMessage(message);  // when invoking sendMessage

Android Key Event Handling

For handling key events on Android, you need to override the onKeyDown function in your MainActivity.kt as follows:

override fun onKeyDown(keyCode: Int, event: KeyEvent?): Boolean {
    for (instance in FlutterPagecallView.instances) {
        instance.handleKeyDownEvent(keyCode, event)
    return super.onKeyDown(keyCode, event)

You can refer to the MainActivity.kt in the example app for more details.


The following matrix lists the minimum support for Pagecall Flutter SDK version.

Pagecall Flutter iOS Android minSdk
1.0.+ 14+ 24+

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