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The flutter_otp_text_field package for flutter is a TextField widget that allows you to display different style pin. It supports all the platforms flutter supports.

Features 👇👇

  • allows you to customize the shape of textField in any way you want
  • built-in 2 commonly used pin styles of shape
  • obscure support
  • input decoration support
  • support all the textField properties support
  • Flutter web support

Installing 🔧

Install the latest version from pub.


Use this package as a library

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_otp_text_field: ^1.1.0+2

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line: with Flutter:

$ flutter packages get

Alternatively, your editor might support flutter packages get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:flutter_otp_text_field/flutter_otp_text_field.dart';

Example Usage 1

if you want an otp_text_field with same style or with field shaped as a box

        numberOfFields: 5,
        borderColor: Color(0xFF512DA8),
        //set to true to show as box or false to show as dash
        showFieldAsBox: true, 
        //runs when a code is typed in
        onCodeChanged: (String code) {
            //handle validation or checks here           
        //runs when every textfield is filled
        onSubmit: (String verificationCode){
                context: context,
                builder: (context){
                return AlertDialog(
                    title: Text("Verification Code"),
                    content: Text('Code entered is $verificationCode'),
        }, // end onSubmit

Example Usage 2

if you want an otp_text_field with different styles for each field

    // if you want an otp_text_field with different 
    // styles for each field

    Color accentPurpleColor = Color(0xFF6A53A1);
    Color primaryColor = Color(0xFF121212);
    Color accentPinkColor = Color(0xFFF99BBD);
    Color accentDarkGreenColor = Color(0xFF115C49);
    Color accentYellowColor = Color(0xFFFFB612);
    Color accentOrangeColor = Color(0xFFEA7A3B);

    otpTextStyles = [

    TextStyle? createStyle(Color color) {
        ThemeData theme = Theme.of(context);
        return theme.textTheme.headline3?.copyWith(color: color);

            numberOfFields: 6,
            borderColor: accentPurpleColor,
            focusedBorderColor: accentPurpleColor,
            styles: otpTextStyles,
            showFieldAsBox: false,
            borderWidth: 4.0,
            //runs when a code is typed in
            onCodeChanged: (String code) {
                //handle validation or checks here if necessary         
            //runs when every textfield is filled 
            onSubmit: (String verificationCode) {



Customizable Properties for OtpTextField

Attribute Name Example Value Description
numberOfFields 4 The default is 4
fieldWidth 40 allows to change the width of the textField
showFieldAsBox true changes the default decoration of the textFields to a box with borderRadius of 4.0
hasCustomInputDecoration true set this to true if you want to pass your own decoration
decoration InputDecoration set hasCustomInputDecoration to true and pass your own input decoration the way you see fit
filled false set to true if you want to pass a fillColor
fillColor Color(0xFFFFFFFF) pass fillColor and set filled to true
enabledBorderColor Color(0xFF4F44FF) Pass Color value to show when textfield is enabled
focusedBorderColor Color(0xFF4F44FF) Pass Color value to show when textfield is in focus
borderColor Color(0xFFE7E7E7) Pass Color value to set border color
disabledBorderColor Color(0xFFE7E7E7) Pass Color value to show when textfield is disabled
styles List Pass a list of textStyles to customize the styles of each field. TextStyle in each index matches each field. Note that length of the styles array should be equal to the numberOfFields
borderRadius BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(4.0)) pass BorderRadius to customise textField when showFieldAsBox is set to true
margin EdgeInsets.only(right: 8.0) customize the margin between each textField
textStyle TextStyle(fontSize: 20, color: Colors.green); Add custom textStyle
borderWidth 2.0 Default value is 2.0, allows you to customize the width of the border
cursorColor Colors.blue Change color of textFields cursor. Defaults to [ThemeData.cursorColor] or [CupertinoTheme.primaryColor] depending on [ThemeData.platform].
mainAxisAlignment MainAxisAlignment.center Defaults to MainAxisAlignment.center
crossAxisAlignment CrossAxisAlignment.center Defaults to CrossAxisAlignment.center
onSubmit (String pin){} The callback will execute when user is done inputting the verification code.
keyboardType TextInputType.number Just like TextField's keyboardType, the default is TextInputType.number
clearText Bool When set to true, it clears all the text in the fields
autoFocus false Same as TextField's autoFocus, the default is false
enabled true Same as TextField's enabled, the default is true
obscureText false Defaults to false
onCodeChanged (String code){} Executes every time a value is entered into the textField. Same as TextField's onChanged
handleControllers (List exposes the list of textEditingControllers to control the textFields. This can be set to a local variable for manipulation