Official Ortho SDK for Flutter applications.


Ortho helps you integrate SDK with ease, connect to services like Paystack, Okra, Mono, thePeer, and load more with one integration.

Getting started

This Library will help you add Ortho widget to your hybrid android/ios applictions. Steps to achieve this include:


To use this package, add in pubspec.yaml

  flutter_ortho: 0.0.5


const config = {
                    "amount": 90000,
                    "currency": "NGN",
                    "email": "just1and0@tryortho.co",
                    "city": "abuja",
                    "state": "Nigeria"

                  ///slug name (payment sdk medium)
                  const slug = 'Ortho-lazerpay-checkout-pro';

                   OrthoModel reply = await FlutterOrtho.create(
                    orthoKey: '<insert-your-key>',
                    context: context,
                    bottomSheetColor: Colors.green,
                    slug: slug,
                    config: config,

Ortho.Community Options

Name Type Required Default Value Description
slug String true nill slug for service you want to integrate, see slug list here
config object true nill config of app you intend to integrate
color Color true nill color of bottomsheet you want
orthoKey String true nill Ortho key provided to you on your dashboard