Onfido SDK flutter plugin. Inspired and based on Onfido react-native-sdk

Android SDK: 12.2.2

iOS SDK: 25.1.1

Project adjustments


Enable multidex in android/app/build.gradle:

android {
  defaultConfig {
    multiDexEnabled true


Update your iOS configuration files

Change ios/Podfile to use version 10:

platform :ios, '11.0'

Add descriptions for camera and microphone permissions to ios/YourProjectName/Info.plist:

<plist version="1.0">
  <!-- Add these four elements: -->
    <string>Required for document and facial capture</string>
    <string>Required for video capture</string>
  <!-- ... -->


 var result = await FlutterOnfido.start(
    config: OnfidoConfig(
        sdkToken: "SDK_TOKEN_JWT",
        flowSteps: OnfidoFlowSteps(
            welcome: false,
            captureDocument: OnfidoCaptureDocumentStep(countryCode: OnfidoCountryCode.USA, docType: OnfidoDocumentType.GENERIC),
            captureFace: OnfidoCaptureFaceStep(OnfidoCaptureType.PHOTO),
    iosAppearance: OnfidoIOSAppearance(),

Parameters details:

  • sdkToken: Required. This is the JWT sdk token obtained by making a call to the SDK token API.
  • flowSteps: Required. This object is used to toggle individual screens on and off and set configurations inside the screens.

Flow steps:

  • welcome: Optional. This toggles the welcome screen on or off. If omitted, this screen does not appear in the flow.
  • captureDocument: Optional. This object contains configuration for the capture document screen. If docType and countryCode are not specified, a screen will appear allowing the user to choose these values. If omitted, this screen does not appear in the flow.
  • docType: Required if countryCode is specified. Note: GENERIC document type doesn't offer an optimised capture experience for a desired document type.
  • countryCode: Required if docType is specified.
  • captureFace: Optional. This object object containing options for capture face screen. If omitted, this screen does not appear in the flow.
  • type: Required if captureFace is specified.


For iOS theme config use OnfidoAppearance class and its properties.

For Android in order to enhance the user experience on the transition between your application and the SDK, you can provide some customization by defining certain colors inside your own colors.xml file inside android folder and project:

  • onfidoColorPrimary: Defines the background color of the Toolbar which guides the user through the flow

  • onfidoColorPrimaryDark: Defines the color of the status bar above the Toolbar

  • onfidoTextColorPrimary: Defines the color of the title on the Toolbar

  • onfidoTextColorSecondary: Defines the color of the subtitle on the Toolbar

  • onfidoColorAccent: Defines the color of the FloatingActionButton which allows the user to move between steps, as well as some details on the alert dialogs shown during the flow

  • onfidoPrimaryButtonColor: Defines the background color of the primary action buttons (e.g. proceed to the next flow step, confirm picture/video, etc), the color of the text on the secondary action buttons (e.g. retake picture/video) and the background color of some icons and markers during the flow

  • onfidoPrimaryButtonColorPressed: Defines the background color of the primary action buttons when pressed

  • onfidoPrimaryButtonTextColor: Defines the color of the text inside the primary action buttons


Inspired and based on Onfido react-native-sdk. Java has been changed to kotlin which I don't know well so code may be improved. I won't maintain this package very frequently, feel free to contribute! Some action points:


  • - localization support
  • - add support for hide logo and cobranding enterprise features
  • - better example project
  • - tests
  • - improve docs
  • - improve kotlin code

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This project is a fork from flutter_onfido and we did have acknowledgments for a great job of @geweald and the community that helps him.