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Embedding native windows & components directly into Flutter window.


Video showing a Flutter Windows app running with embedded webview & VLC using flutter_native_view.

Notice how AppBar is on-top of the the native surfaces & both native surfaces scroll perfectly.


slight lag & delay can be observed due to screen recording. the actual experience is very seamless

Try running the example application by cloning the repository.

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This setup only uses Win32 APIs & no texture, intermediate buffers or copying of pixel buffers. Thus, it is very performant.

A Flutter plugin / Win32 setup to embed other native Windows (HWND on Windows) into Flutter window.

Current API design allows to embed any arbitrary HWND completely from Dart as a Widget. This can be a good choice when client code wants to embed any third-party window (which is already opened) into the Flutter window. However, this is not ideal in most cases, because there is almost no point of embedding a window without having a programmatic control to it (via some API).

On the other hand, a window created by the client code itself e.g. a webview instance window or a video-output window etc. (on which the client code has full programmatic control) will be an ideal window to embed, in that case:

  • If client code decides to create an HWND through platform channel interface, they can use the setup present in core to embed a window (or send back the HWND as int64_t to the plugin throught Dart).
  • Since dart:ffi is very capable now, one can pass the HWND directly as int of the window they created using dart:ffi or package:win32 through existing plugin API to embed it.


In future, I will create natively rendered, performant & less-bundle-sized webview & video playback plugins, if I get enough community support. Currently I'm only targetting Windows to limit the scope of work, though I plan for Linux support at some point.


Add following lines to your windows/runner/main.cpp file:

  #include <flutter/dart_project.h>
  #include <flutter/flutter_view_controller.h>
  #include <windows.h>

+ #include "flutter_native_view/flutter_native_view_plugin.h"
  #include "flutter_window.h"
  #include "utils.h"

+ flutternativeview::NativeViewContainer::GetInstance()->Create();

  ::MSG msg;
  while (::GetMessage(&msg, nullptr, 0, 0)) {


Initialize the plugin

Future<void> main() async {
  /// Initialize.
  await FlutterNativeView.ensureInitialized();
  runApp(const MyApp());

Create a controller & render a window

class _MyAppState extends State<MyApp> {
  /// Create a [NativeViewController].
  final controller = NativeViewController(
    /// Using [FindWindow] from `package:win32` to retrieve `HWND` as [int].
    handle: FindWindow(nullptr, 'VLC Media Player'.toNativeUtf16()),
    /// Make the [NativeView] interactable.
    hitTestBehavior: HitTestBehavior.translucent,

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      home: Scaffold(
        body: Center(
            child: Padding(
              padding: const EdgeInsets.all(24.0),
              child: Stack(
                children: [
                    /// Create a [NativeView].
                    builder: (context, constraints) => NativeView(
                      /// Pass [NativeViewController] to render the window.
                      controller: controller,
                      width: constraints.maxWidth,
                      height: constraints.maxHeight,
                    padding: const EdgeInsets.all(16.0),
                    child: FloatingActionButton(
                      onPressed: () {},
                      child: const Icon(Icons.edit),

Dispose the native view & destory the window



Currently Implemented

  • Placement of other Flutter Widgets on top of the NativeView.
  • Multiple instances of NativeView.
  • Window movement handling & NativeViews positioning.
  • Window resize handling & NativeViews sizing.
  • Windows 10 & higher support.
  • Proper disposing of HWND and instances.
  • Semi transparent Widgets on top of NativeView.
  • Placement of NativeViews inside scrollables like ListViews.
  • UNSTABLE Customizable hit-test i.e. optional interactability with the NativeViews.

Under Progress

  • Stable support for interactability with the NativeViews maybe switching to programmatic approach.
  • Support for older Windows versions.
  • Defining z-order for each NativeViewController.
  • Finalized API.
  • General stability.



Absence of official Platform View APIs in Flutter for Windows, Linux & macOS.


The plugin currently works on following platforms:

Platform State
Windows Working

I plan to add Linux support soon. For now, limiting the scope of work to just Windows.


MIT License

Copyright (C) 2022, Hitesh Kumar Saini <saini123hitesh@gmail.com>