Native Text View for Flutter

A text view widget built using the native UITextView on iOS (this package only supports iOS for now). For text input, please refer to flutter-native-text-input.


Follow the instructions from

Why you should use this

Mobile app users are used to the convenience features for text selection provided by the native system. Even though Flutter provides a lot of useful widgets, Flutter developers may notice that SelectableText provided by Flutter are not on par with their native counterpart. Some actions are missing.

Hope you find it useful and happy coding! 🎉🎉🎉

Plugin API

Name Type Description Default
decoration BoxDecoration Controls the BoxDecoration of the box behind the text input. ( null
style TextStyle The style to use for the text being edited Only `fontSize`, `fontWeight`, `color` are supported ( null
textAlign TextAlign How the text should be aligned horizontally ( TextAlign.start
minLines int Minimum number of lines of text view widget 1
maxLines int Maximum number of lines of text view body, 0 for no limit 0


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This project is licensed under the MIT License.