A Flutter plugin to check or toggle a device ringer mode.


  1. Detect device current ringer mode;
  2. Able to toggle between Normal, Silent & Vibrate mode (Only for Android);
  3. Grant notification policy access for devices above platform version Android 7.0 (API 24).
List of modes available
Mode Description
RingerMode.Normal Device normal mode
RingerMode.Silent Device silent mode
RingerMode.Vibrate Device vibrate mode


To get the device's current sound mode:

import 'package:flutter_mute/flutter_mute.dart';

RingerMode ringerMode = await FlutterMute.getRingerMode;

To change the device ringer mode:

import 'package:flutter_mute/flutter_mute.dart';

await FlutterMute.setSoundMode(RingerMode.Silent); // Ignore for Android < 7.0

For Android 7.0 and above

For devices with Android 7.0 and above, it is required for the user to grant notification policy access to set their device's sound mode.

To check if the user has granted the permissions and prompt for approval

import 'package:flutter_mute/flutter_mute.dart';

bool isAccessGranted = await FlutterMute.isNotificationPolicyAccessGranted;

if (!isAccessGranted) {
  // Opens the notification settings to grant the access.
  await FlutterMute.openNotificationPolicySettings();


IOS Simulator always return normal mode.