flutter_mockitory - Mock data layer with Flutter widgets

The purpose of this package is to help test Flutter apps with fake data, but without changing the code.

With Mockitory you can mock data layer using the app itself by adding flutter_mockitory widgets.

How to use it?

Add dependencies


If you want to use pure Dart Mockitory (eg. for server apps), use mockitory instead of flutter_mockitory dependency.

Use Mockitory mixin

import 'package:mockitory/mockitory.dart';

enum Gender { male, female }

class ExampleMockitory with Mockitory {
  Map<String, MockValue> get initialMockValues => {
        'boolValue': MockValue<bool>(true),
        'intValue': MockValue<int>(1),
        'doubleValue': MockValue<double>(4.5),
        'gender': MockValue<Gender>(Gender.male),
        'listOfInts': MockValue<List<int>>([0, 1]),
        'dateValue': MockValue(DateTime(2020, 5, 5)),

  Stream<Gender> observeGender() => observeMockValueUpdates<Gender>('gender')
      .map((mockValue) => mockValue.value);

  DateTime getDateValue() => getValue<DateTime>('dateValue');

NOTE: Remember about using typed MockValue objects. Example: MockValue<bool>(true).

Use MockitoryPage widget

MockitoryPage widget is used to automatically generate list of widgets used to update/display fake data.

final mockitory = ExampleMockitory();


  mockitory: mockitory,
  customDelegates: [
    ChoicesMockValueDelegate<Gender>([Gender.male, Gender.female]),
      [0, 1],
      [0, 2]

Built-in MockValue Delegates

Delegates are used to define how widgets used to manipulate fake data are built.

These delegates are used by default:

  • BoolMockValueDelegate
  • StringMockValueDelegate
  • IntMockValueDelegate
  • DoubleMockValueDelegate
  • DateTimeMockValueDelegate

These delegates needs to be added to customDelegates property in MockitoryPage widget:

  • ChoicesMockValueDelegate<T> - eg. ChoicesMockValueDelegate<Gender>([Gender.male, Gender.female])
  • IterableMockValueDelegate<T> - eg. IterableMockValueDelegate<int>([0, 1], [1, 4, 5])

Custom delegates

You can provide your own custom delegate.

class CustomBoolMockValueDelegate extends MockValueDelegate<bool> {
  Widget buildMockValueWidget(BuildContext context, bool value, onChanged) {
    return Checkbox(
      activeColor: Colors.red,
      value: value,
      onChanged: (value) => onChanged(MockValue(value)),