Flutter widget to show mjpeg stream from URL

This is a full dart implementation of MJPEG reader. No native involve.


  stream: '',


The Mjpeg widget expects a stream parameter with the HTTP URL of the MJPEG stream and can handle the following additional parameters:

Parameter Description
isLive Whether or not the stream should be loaded continuously
timeout HTTP Timeout when fetching the MJPEG stream
width Force width
height Force height
error Error builder used when an error occurred
loading Loading builder used until first frame arrived
fit The boxFit of the image
headers A map of headers to send in the HTTP request
httpClient Used to give a custom httpClient, for example DigestAuthClient() from http_auth. Defaults to Client() from http.
preprocessor Used to apply preprocessing to each frame of the MJPEG stream before it is sent to Image for rendering. Defaults to MjpegPreprocessor(), which passes each frame without modification.