showMaterialSelectionPicker<T> function

Future<T?> showMaterialSelectionPicker<T>(
  1. {required BuildContext context,
  2. String? title,
  3. required List<T> items,
  4. T? selectedItem,
  5. Color? headerColor,
  6. Color? headerTextColor,
  7. Color? backgroundColor,
  8. Color? buttonTextColor,
  9. String? confirmText,
  10. bool cancellable = true,
  11. String? cancelText,
  12. double? maxLongSide,
  13. double? maxShortSide,
  14. ValueChanged<T>? onChanged,
  15. VoidCallback? onConfirmed,
  16. VoidCallback? onCancelled,
  17. Transformer<T>? transformer,
  18. Iconizer<T?>? iconizer}

Allows selection of a single value via an icon label list


Future<T?> showMaterialSelectionPicker<T>({
  required BuildContext context,

  /// The title for the dialog box
  String? title,

  /// The list of items to use with the picker
  required List<T> items,

  /// The item that will be initially selected
  T? selectedItem,

  /// The dialog header color (overrides theme)
  Color? headerColor,

  /// The dialog header text color (overrides theme)
  Color? headerTextColor,

  /// The dialog background color (overrides theme)
  Color? backgroundColor,

  /// The button text color (overrides theme)
  Color? buttonTextColor,

  /// Text to display in the confirm button
  String? confirmText,

  /// Whether to display a cancel button
  bool cancellable = true,

  /// Text to display in the cancel button
  String? cancelText,

  /// Used to restrict how tall the dialog can be.
  double? maxLongSide,

  /// Used to restrict how wide the dialog can be.
  double? maxShortSide,

  /// Function that gets called when the value is changed
  ValueChanged<T>? onChanged,

  /// Function that gets called when the confirm button is pressed
  VoidCallback? onConfirmed,

  /// Function that gets called when the cancel button is pressed
  VoidCallback? onCancelled,

  /// Function that is called when each items renders which can be used to transform the content
  /// This is helpful, for example, to provide translations to other languages
  Transformer<T>? transformer,

  /// An external function used to provide icons
  Iconizer<T?>? iconizer,
}) {
  return showDialog<T>(
    context: context,
    barrierDismissible: cancellable,
    builder: (BuildContext context) {
      return SelectionPickerDialog<T>(
        items: items,
        title: title,
        selectedItem: selectedItem,
        headerColor: headerColor,
        headerTextColor: headerTextColor,
        backgroundColor: backgroundColor,
        buttonTextColor: buttonTextColor,
        confirmText: confirmText,
        cancelButtonVisible: cancellable,
        cancelText: cancelText,
        maxLongSide: maxLongSide,
        maxShortSide: maxLongSide,
        transformer: transformer,
        iconizer: iconizer,
  ).then((selection) {
    if (selection != null) {
    } else {
    return selection;