pub package

A fork of flutter_markdown package with added support for SelectionArea (see issue: Support selecting text using SelectionArea #107073).


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_markdown_selectionarea: any

Then, run 'pub get' to install the package.

Getting Started

Using the Markdown widget is simple, just pass in the source markdown as a string:

Markdown(data: markdownSource);

If you do not want the padding or scrolling behavior, use the MarkdownBody instead:

MarkdownBody(data: markdownSource);

By default, Markdown uses the formatting from the current material design theme, but it's possible to create your own custom styling. Use the MarkdownStyle class to pass in your own style. If you don't want to use Markdown outside of material design, use the MarkdownRaw class.


A library to render markdown formatted text.