A flutter_map plugin that adds the ability to create multiple text markers on a map.

Getting started

To start using this package, make sure you have flutter_map in your project's pubspec.yaml.

Then run the following command in your project's root directory:

flutter pub add flutter_map_text_marker

or add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

flutter_map_text_marker: ^0.1.0

Since the package implements MapPlugin from the flutter_map package, it has to be used within the FlutterMap widget as follows:

    mapController: controller,
    options: MapOptions(
        plugins: [
    layers: [
            isActive: isActive,
            mapHeight: mapHeight,
            mapWidth: mapWidth,
            markers: markers,
            onAddMarker: onAddMarker,
            customAddDialog: (LatLng point) => getCustomAddDialog(point),


Check out the example folder in this project to find a flutter application running with this plugin.

To add a text marker to the map, activate the "Add Marker" layer by clicking on the Floating Action Button, and long press on the position on the map where you want to add the marker. You will be prompted to enter the text for the marker. Remember to exit the "Add Marker" layer by tapping on the Floating Action Button again.