CLI tool for automatic updating translations in flutter projects (https://localise.biz/)


dart run flutter_loco_translations --locales="en,en_CA,no" --asset_alias="flutter" --api_key="key" --path="lib/l10n" --filter="!Backend"


  • locales -- List of locales you want to load, separated by commas (It is important that your based locale does not have a country code and also locales must be written in this "en_US" format)
  • asset_alias -- Asset alias from "localise.biz"
  • api_key -- API key from "localise.biz"
  • path -- Path where you want to save the downloaded files relative to where you run the script
  • filter -- Filter assets by comma-separated tag names. Match any tag with * and negate tags by prefixing with

API reference