Localize your Flutter app to multiple locales within seconds

** Note: This package is updated version from flutter_locales **

Why Flutter Locales

✅ Easily Localize your app
✅ Change App Locale within the app
✅ Get Last Changed locale on App starts
✅ Save Locale Language After changed buy LocaleNotifier
✅ Get Translation with LocaleText('key') Widget

Example App

Example app assets/lang

1) Create locales assets

Create an assets/lang folder at the root of your project and add your locales json files. like: Example app assets/lang

write the json code and add the text you want and give it a key like the img: Example app assets/lang

  • your locale files name shall be Name of the language
    • like:
      • en.json For english locales
      • ar.json for Arabic locales
/// English lang code
  "welcome": "Welcome to the App",
  "change_lang": "Change the language"

/// Arabic lang code
  "welcome": "مرحبا بك في التطبيق",
  "change_lang": "تغيير لغة التطبيق"

2) Include package and assets

Include latest dependency of flutter_locales٢

    sdk: flutter

Include assets/lang/ folder

  uses-material-design: true
    - assets/lang/

3) Initialize app

Replace your main app with

void main() async {
  await Locales.init(['en','ar']); // get last saved language
  // remove await if you want to get app default language

  • ['en','ar'] are language codes of .json files located in located in assets/lang folder
  • You can replace these languages with your languages

Wrap your MaterialApp with LocaleBuilder then provide locale to app

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return LocaleBuilder(
      builder: (locale) => MaterialApp(
        title: 'Flutter Locales',
        /// Make sure to add this line 
        localizationsDelegates: Locales.delegates,
        /// Make sure to add this line 
        supportedLocales: Locales.supportedLocales,
        /// Make sure to add this line 
        locale: locale,
        home: HomeScreen(),
  • LocaleBuilder rebuild the app you change the app locale by Locales.change(context, 'ar')

Locale Text

LocaleText Widget Use to translate a key

  • LocaleText Translate a key to string

Locale String

  • To get a key translated call
Locales.string(context, 'welcome')

// with extension

Change App Locale

To change app locale language

Locales.change(context, 'fa');

//with extension
  • When you change app automatically saves at Locale

Current Locale Language

  • To get current locale call

//with extension