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A Flutter package for simplifying resource loading.

Getting Started

Import the library with

import 'package:flutter_loader/flutter_loader.dart';

Then you can build a UI for loading resource with

    loader: () async {
        await _loadResourceAsync();
    builder: (context, controller, widget) {
        return _buildContent(context, controller, widget);

Or use DefaultLoaderBuilder with default UI implementation:

    loader: () => _loadResourceAsync(),

DefaulLoaderBuilder offers UI for the full lifecycle of the loader:

  • init: show loading indicator
  • loading: show loading indicator
  • error: show an error message and a button for retrying
  • loaded: show a text message displaying the loaded data

You can optional provide initBuilder, loadingBuilder, errorBuilder, loadedBuilder to customize the UI for each of the above states. You can also customize the style of DefaultLoaderBuilder by providing DefaultLoaderThemeData via themeData.


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