flutter_line_sdk library

A Flutter plugin for using the LINE SDKs with Dart in Flutter apps.

This package is a Dart/Flutter compatible wrapper for using the LINE SDK for iOS Swift and LINE SDK for Android in your Flutter app. To use this plugin and LINE's APIs, you need to register and configure a channel in the LINE Developers console. For details, see Getting started with LINE Login.

After installing this flutter_line_sdk package, update your Xcode Runner project and Android build.gradle file with your channel information. For details, see the "Linking your app to your channel" section in our setup guides for iOS and Android.

After that, use an import directive to include flutter_line_sdk in your project and call await LineSDK.instance.setup($channel_id); to set up the plugin. For the most basic use case, invoke the login method to prompt your users to log in with their LINE accounts.


An access token used to access the LINE Platform.
Response to LineSDK.verifyAccessToken.
Response to LineSDK.getBotFriendshipStatus.
A general manager class for LINE SDK login features.
Options related to LINE login process.
The result of a successful login, containing basic user information and an access token.
The access token stored on the user's device.
The user profile used in LineSDK.