constants library


androidAdaptiveBackgroundFileName → const String
androidAdaptiveForegroundFileName → const String
androidDefaultIconName → const String
androidFileName → const String
androidGradleFile → const String
androidManifestFile → const String
errorIncorrectIconName → const String
'The icon name must contain only lowercase a-z, 0-9, or underscore: ' 'E.g. "ic_my_new_icon"'
errorMissingImagePath → const String
'Missing "image_path" or "image_path_android" + "image_path_ios" within configuration'
errorMissingPlatform → const String
'No platform specified within config to generate icons for.'
errorMissingRegularAndroid → const String
'Adaptive icon config found but no regular Android config. ' 'Below API 26 the regular Android config is required'
iosAssetFolder → const String
iosConfigFile → const String
iosDefaultIconFolder → const String
iosDefaultIconName → const String


androidAdaptiveXmlFolder(String flavor) String
androidColorsFile(String flavor) String
androidResFolder(String flavor) String
introMessage(String currentVersion) String