flutter_keyboard_size Pub

When the virtual keyboard is opened, we can get its height with MediaQuery.of(context).viewInsets.bottom

BUT, in case of complicated widgets tree, it doesn't work. So, every time we have to mutate the keyboard size down to the widget tree.

This package is a straightforward and convenient provider that helps get info about: keyboard height, is it open or not, set bool value is screen small or not.

Showcase|100x100, 10%


After installing wrap Scaffold widget to

      smallSize: 500.0,
      child: Scaffold(

where smallSize property is optional, default is 400.0

After that, down to the widget tree you can use Consumer widget to get info about keyboard

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Consumer<ScreenHeight>(
      builder: (context, _res, child) {
        return Center(

available properties:

  double keyboardHeight
  double screenHeight
  bool isSmall // returns true if screen height becomes less then smallSize property
  bool isOpen // true if open

Full example is here https://github.com/awaik/flutter_keyboard_size/tree/master/example

Note: This plugin is under active development, if you have a feature to implement or find bugs, please, add them here: issue