jSValueIsEqual top-level property

int Function(Pointer<NativeType> ctx, Pointer<NativeType> a, Pointer<NativeType> b, Pointer<NativeType> exception) jSValueIsEqual

Tests whether two JavaScript values are equal, as compared by the JS == operator. ctx (JSContextRef) The execution context to use. a (JSValueRef) The first value to test. b (JSValueRef) The second value to test. exception (JSValueRef*) A pointer to a JSValueRef in which to store an exception, if any. Pass NULL if you do not care to store an exception. @result (bool) true if the two values are equal, false if they are not equal or an exception is thrown.


final int Function(
    Pointer ctx,
    Pointer a,
    Pointer b,
        exception) jSValueIsEqual = jscLib
    .lookup<NativeFunction<Int8 Function(Pointer, Pointer, Pointer, Pointer)>>(