jSObjectMakeArray top-level property

Pointer<NativeType> Function(Pointer<NativeType> ctx, int argumentCount, Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> arguments, Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> exception) jSObjectMakeArray

Creates a JavaScript Array object. The behavior of this function does not exactly match the behavior of the built-in Array constructor. Specifically, if one argument is supplied, this function returns an array with one element. ctx (JSContextRef) The execution context to use. argumentCount (size_t) An integer count of the number of arguments in arguments. arguments (JSValueRef[]) A JSValue array of data to populate the Array with. Pass NULL if argumentCount is 0. exception (JSValueRef*) A pointer to a JSValueRef in which to store an exception, if any. Pass NULL if you do not care to store an exception. @result (JSObjectRef) A JSObject that is an Array.


final Pointer Function(Pointer ctx, int argumentCount,
        Pointer<Pointer> arguments, Pointer<Pointer> exception)
    jSObjectMakeArray = jscLib
                Pointer Function(Pointer, Uint32, Pointer,