jSObjectDeleteProperty top-level property

int Function(Pointer<NativeType> ctx, Pointer<NativeType> object, Pointer<NativeType> propertyName, Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> exception) jSObjectDeleteProperty

Deletes a property from an object. ctx (JSContextRef) The execution context to use. object (JSObjectRef) The JSObject whose property you want to delete. propertyName (JSStringRef) A JSString containing the property's name. exception (JSValueRef*) A pointer to a JSValueRef in which to store an exception, if any. Pass NULL if you do not care to store an exception. @result (bool) true if the delete operation succeeds, otherwise false (for example, if the property has the kJSPropertyAttributeDontDelete attribute set).


final int Function(Pointer ctx, Pointer object, Pointer propertyName,
        Pointer<Pointer> exception) jSObjectDeleteProperty =
                Int8 Function(Pointer, Pointer, Pointer,