JSObjectGetPropertyNamesCallback typedef

Void JSObjectGetPropertyNamesCallback(
  1. Pointer<NativeType> ctx,
  2. Pointer<NativeType> object,
  3. Pointer<NativeType> propertyNames

typedef JSObjectGetPropertyNamesCallback The callback invoked when collecting the names of an object's properties. ctx The execution context to use. object The JSObject whose property names are being collected. propertyNames A JavaScript property name accumulator in which to accumulate the names of object's properties. If you named your function GetPropertyNames, you would declare it like this:

void GetPropertyNames(JSContextRef ctx, JSObjectRef object, JSPropertyNameAccumulatorRef propertyNames);

Property name accumulators are used by JSObjectCopyPropertyNames and JavaScript for...in loops.

Use JSPropertyNameAccumulatorAddName to add property names to accumulator. A class's getPropertyNames callback only needs to provide the names of properties that the class vends through a custom getProperty or setProperty callback. Other properties, including statically declared properties, properties vended by other classes, and properties belonging to object's prototype, are added independently. typedef void (*JSObjectGetPropertyNamesCallback) (JSContextRef ctx, JSObjectRef object, JSPropertyNameAccumulatorRef propertyNames);


typedef JSObjectGetPropertyNamesCallback = Void Function(
    Pointer ctx, Pointer object, Pointer propertyNames);