JSObjectFinalizeCallback typedef

Void JSObjectFinalizeCallback(
  1. Pointer<NativeType> object

typedef JSObjectFinalizeCallback The callback invoked when an object is finalized (prepared for garbage collection). An object may be finalized on any thread. object The JSObject being finalized. If you named your function Finalize, you would declare it like this:

void Finalize(JSObjectRef object);

The finalize callback is called on the most derived class first, and the least derived class (the parent class) last.

You must not call any function that may cause a garbage collection or an allocation of a garbage collected object from within a JSObjectFinalizeCallback. This includes all functions that have a JSContextRef parameter. typedef void (*JSObjectFinalizeCallback) (JSObjectRef object);


typedef JSObjectFinalizeCallback = Void Function(Pointer object);