JSObjectConvertToTypeCallback typedef

Pointer<NativeType> JSObjectConvertToTypeCallback(
  1. Pointer<NativeType> ctx,
  2. Pointer<NativeType> object,
  3. Int8 type,
  4. Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> exception

typedef JSObjectConvertToTypeCallback The callback invoked when converting an object to a particular JavaScript type. ctx The execution context to use. object The JSObject to convert. type A JSType specifying the JavaScript type to convert to. exception A pointer to a JSValueRef in which to return an exception, if any. @result The objects's converted value, or NULL if the object was not converted. If you named your function ConvertToType, you would declare it like this:

JSValueRef ConvertToType(JSContextRef ctx, JSObjectRef object, JSType type, JSValueRef* exception);

If this function returns false, the conversion request forwards to object's parent class chain (which includes the default object class).

This function is only invoked when converting an object to number or string. An object converted to boolean is 'true.' An object converted to object is itself. typedef JSValueRef (JSObjectConvertToTypeCallback) (JSContextRef ctx, JSObjectRef object, JSType type, JSValueRef exception);


typedef JSObjectConvertToTypeCallback = Pointer Function(
    Pointer ctx, Pointer object, Int8 type, Pointer<Pointer> exception);