jSGlobalContextCreateInGroup top-level property

Pointer<NativeType> Function(Pointer<NativeType> group, Pointer<NativeType> globalObjectClass) jSGlobalContextCreateInGroup

Creates a global JavaScript execution context in the context group provided. JSGlobalContextCreateInGroup allocates a global object and populates it with all the built-in JavaScript objects, such as Object, Function, String, and Array. group (JSContextGroupRef) The context group to use. The created global context retains the group. Pass NULL to create a unique group for the context. globalObjectClass (JSClassRef) The class to use when creating the global object. Pass NULL to use the default object class. @result (JSGlobalContextRef) A JSGlobalContext with a global object of class globalObjectClass and a context group equal to group.


final Pointer Function(Pointer group, Pointer globalObjectClass)
    jSGlobalContextCreateInGroup = jscLib
        .lookup<NativeFunction<Pointer Function(Pointer, Pointer)>>(