A workaround for Flutter Issue 108697 that prevents state recovery on page refresh. Gets the state directly from the browser History API.


This app preserves the text on page refresh.

Runnable project: https://github.com/alexeyinkin/flutter-issue-108697-workaround/blob/main/example/main.dart



Add this code to your RouteInformationParser:

import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'package:flutter_issue_108697_workaround/flutter_issue_108697_workaround.dart'; // ADDED

class MyRouteInformationParser extends RouteInformationParser {
  Future<Object> parseRouteInformation(RouteInformation routeInformation) async {
    routeInformation = apply108697Workaround(routeInformation);                        // ADDED
    // ... continue your parsing.
  // ...

The method is deliberately named awkward so you periodically stumble onto it while reading your code and check if the issue is fixed in Flutter yet so you can remove this workaround later.

The Workaround

If not in web, does nothing.

In web, if RouteInformation.state is not null, does nothing.

Otherwise, checks the state directly with the browser's History API like this:

final stateJson = js.context.callMethod(

return RouteInformation(
  location: routeInformation.location,
  state: jsonDecode(stateJson),