Check if this is an iOS app executed on a mac. Use this package if you want to know if someone uses your iOS flutter app on a mac (with silicon M1 / M2 chip).


There is only one function in the whole package:

Future<bool> FlutterIsIosAppOnMac.isIosAppOnMac()

This static function will return true, if this is an ios app executed on a mac. It will return false in all of the following cases:

  • If this is a flutter web application
  • If the platform is Android, Linux, Windows, or whatever
  • If the platform is macos and the app is executed as macos app (it will only return true if the app is executed as iOS app on the macos system - not if it is used as regular mac app)

You can also check our example script, which shows how to use the plugin in an app.