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A Flutter package that integrates the IOSSecuritySuite iOS pod to provide enhanced iOS security features in Flutter applications.


This Flutter package provides the following security checks:

  • amIJailbroken(): Checks if the device is jailbroken.
  • amIDebugged(): Detects if the application is being debugged.
  • amIReverseEngineered(): Determines if the app has been reverse-engineered.

Installation & Usage

  1. Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:
  flutter_ios_security_suite: ^0.0.2
  1. Update the Info.plist in your Flutter iOS project to include:
  1. Add the following imports to your Dart code
import 'package:flutter_ios_security_suite/flutter_ios_security_suite.dart';
  1. functions
final _flutterIosSecuritySuitePlugin = FlutterIosSecuritySuite();

bool? amIJailbroken = await _flutterIosSecuritySuitePlugin.amIJailbroken();
bool? amIDebugged = await _flutterIosSecuritySuitePlugin.amIDebugged();
bool? amIReverseEngineered = await _flutterIosSecuritySuitePlugin.amIReverseEngineered();


Contributions are welcome! Please feel free to submit a Pull Request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details and the use of third-party libraries is detailed in NOTICES.


This library is a wrapper for the iOS Security Suite pod export class FlutterIosSecuritySuite with methods as amIJailbroken, amIDebugged and amIReverseEngineered Note: This library is only for iOS