Flutter package to get Instagram user details and download reels videos.

How to Use

To use flutter_insta, first start by importing the package.

import 'package:flutter_insta/flutter_insta.dart';

Get profile details

FlutterInsta flutterInsta = new FlutterInsta();
await flutterInsta.getData("coding_boy_");

Print Details

print("Username : ${flutterInsta.username}");
print("Followers : ${flutterInsta.followers}");
print("Folowing : ${flutterInsta.following}");
print("Bio : ${flutterInsta.bio}");
print("Website : ${flutterInsta.website}");
print("Profile Image : ${flutterInsta.imgurl}");

Download Reels video

String downloadLink1 =  await flutterInsta.downloadReels("https://www.instagram.com/reel/CDlGkdZgB2y/"); //URL


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Created by Viral Vaghela