loadData method Null safety

Future<void> loadData(
  1. {required String data,
  2. String mimeType = "text/html",
  3. String encoding = "utf8",
  4. Uri? baseUrl,
  5. @Deprecated('Use `historyUrl` instead') Uri? androidHistoryUrl,
  6. Uri? historyUrl,
  7. @Deprecated('Use `allowingReadAccessTo` instead') Uri? iosAllowingReadAccessTo,
  8. Uri? allowingReadAccessTo}

Loads the given data into this WebView, using baseUrl as the base URL for the content.

  • mimeType argument specifies the format of the data. The default value is "text/html".
  • encoding argument specifies the encoding of the data. The default value is "utf8".
  • historyUrl is an Android-specific argument that represents the URL to use as the history entry. The default value is about:blank. If non-null, this must be a valid URL.
  • allowingReadAccessTo, used in combination with baseUrl (using the file:// scheme), it represents the URL from which to read the web content. This baseUrl must be a file-based URL (using the file:// scheme). Specify the same value as the baseUrl parameter to prevent WebView from reading any other content. Specify a directory to give WebView permission to read additional files in the specified directory. NOTE: available only on iOS.

Supported Platforms/Implementations:


Future<void> loadData(
    {required String data,
    String mimeType = "text/html",
    String encoding = "utf8",
    Uri? baseUrl,
    @Deprecated('Use `historyUrl` instead')
        Uri? androidHistoryUrl,
    Uri? historyUrl,
    @Deprecated('Use `allowingReadAccessTo` instead')
        Uri? iosAllowingReadAccessTo,
    Uri? allowingReadAccessTo}) async {
  assert(iosAllowingReadAccessTo == null ||

  Map<String, dynamic> args = <String, dynamic>{};
  args.putIfAbsent('data', () => data);
  args.putIfAbsent('mimeType', () => mimeType);
  args.putIfAbsent('encoding', () => encoding);
  args.putIfAbsent('baseUrl', () => baseUrl?.toString() ?? "about:blank");
      () =>
          historyUrl?.toString() ??
          androidHistoryUrl?.toString() ??
      () =>
          allowingReadAccessTo?.toString() ??
  await _channel.invokeMethod('loadData', args);