getCurrentWebViewPackage method Null safety

Future<AndroidWebViewPackageInfo?> getCurrentWebViewPackage()

If WebView has already been loaded into the current process this method will return the package that was used to load it. Otherwise, the package that would be used if the WebView was loaded right now will be returned; this does not cause WebView to be loaded, so this information may become outdated at any time. The WebView package changes either when the current WebView package is updated, disabled, or uninstalled. It can also be changed through a Developer Setting. If the WebView package changes, any app process that has loaded WebView will be killed. The next time the app starts and loads WebView it will use the new WebView package instead.

NOTE: available only on Android 21+.

Official Android API:


static Future<AndroidWebViewPackageInfo?> getCurrentWebViewPackage() async {
  Map<String, dynamic> args = <String, dynamic>{};
  Map<String, dynamic>? packageInfo =
      (await _staticChannel.invokeMethod('getCurrentWebViewPackage', args))
          ?.cast<String, dynamic>();
  return AndroidWebViewPackageInfo.fromMap(packageInfo);