Flutter Http Caching

Widgets that make it easy to integrate API caching into Flutter. Built to work with package:http and uses package:sqflite.This package contains a set of functions that make it easy to consume HTTP resources.

Platform Support

Android iOS MacOS Web Linux Windows
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Getting Started

In your flutter project add the dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:


Getting Started

This package contains three functions which returns http response.

  • httpGet : it stores request and response from get method.
  • httpPut: it stores request and response from Put method.
  • httpPost: it stores request and response from post method .
  • httpPatch: it stores request and response from patch method.
  • httpDelete: it stores request and response from delete method.

Each of these take instance of HTTP Client and Url as required field and also has header and body as optional fields.We have created a custom interceptor for logging request which user can use by passing isLogging true and user can also pass custom interceptor in interceptors which accept list of interceptors.


Import flutter_http_caching.dart

import 'package:flutter_http_caching/flutter_http_caching.dart';

Create Http Client variable

var client = http.Client();

get the http response using http_caching functions

var response = httpGet(client, url: baseUrl);

add custom interceptor

var response = httpGet(client, url: baseUrl,interceptors: [customInterceptor()]);

Thank You

We greatly appreciate any contributions to the project which can be as simple as providing feedback on the API or documentation.

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