Flutter GunDB

This library is a port of GunDB js for the Dart and Flutter. P2P encrypted Communication between multiple users. GUN is an ecosystem of tools that let you build community run and encrypted applications - like an Open Source Firebase or a Decentralized Dropbox.

Note: Some APIs like certify and user, not implemented completely (Trying to do so ;) )


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  1. Multiplayer by default with realtime p2p state synchronization!
  2. Graph data lets you use key/value, tables, documents, videos, & more!
  3. Local-first, offline, and decentralized with end-to-end encryption.

Decentralized alternatives to Zoom, Reddit, Instagram, Slack, YouTube, Stripe, Wikipedia, Facebook Horizon and more have already pushed terabytes of daily P2P traffic on GUN.

Getting started

Add library to your app.

flutter pub add flutter_gundb


  flutter_gundb: ^0.0.3


Short example is below. Added longer examples to /example folder.

import 'package:flutter_gundb/flutter_gundb.dart';

void main() {
    final chainGunClient = FlutterGunSeaClient();
    final getAditya = gun.get('aditya');
      name: "Aditya Kumar Pandey",
      email: "janatig@janatig.com",
    getAditya.on((a, [b, c]) {
      print('Getting Value:: $a');

Example on how to store the data locally.

import 'package:flutter_gundb/flutter_gundb.dart';

void main() async {
    await initializeFlutterGun();
    final chainGunClient = FlutterGunSeaClient(registerStorage: true);
    final localFirstStorage = gun.get('local-first-storage');
      name: "Testing the Local First",
      anime_website: "animeloved.com",
    localFirstStorage.on((a, [b, c]) {
      print('Getting Value:: $a');

Example How to send other user encrypted data

import 'package:flutter_gundb/flutter_gundb.dart';

void main() {   
    () async {
      var aditya = await pair();
      var pandey = await pair();

      // On Aditya
      var shared = await secret(pandey.epub, aditya);
      var shared_enc = await encrypt('<Your Shared Data>', shared);
      // Now Share `shared_enc` to your friend pandey (Send shared_enc and aditya's public key)
      // On Pandey Side

      var decryptKey = await secret(aditya.epub, pandey);
      var decryptedData = await decrypt(shared_enc, decryptKey);
      // `decryptedData` This is your Decrypted Data
    } ();

Additional information

Some APIs like certify and user. If anyone wants to help, kindly send a PR. I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance :)