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Google places autocomplete widgets for flutter.

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  • Migrated to null-safety.
  • Updated dependencies to latest release.
  • Refactoring by using RxDart for more power.
  • Fixed many issues.
  • Applied flutter_lints.
  • Refactored example, migrated to Android v2 embedding.
    sdk: flutter
  flutter_google_places_hoc081098: <last-version>

Simple usage

According to https://stackoverflow.com/a/52545293, you need to enable billing on your account, even if you are only using the free quota.

// replace flutter_google_places by flutter_google_places_hoc081098
import 'package:flutter_google_places_hoc081098/flutter_google_places_hoc081098.dart';

const kGoogleApiKey = 'API_KEY';

void onError(PlacesAutocompleteResponse response) {
      content: Text(response.errorMessage ?? 'Unknown error'),

final Prediction? p = await PlacesAutocomplete.show(
  context: context,
  apiKey: kGoogleApiKey,
  onError: onError,
  mode: Mode.overlay, // or Mode.fullscreen
  language: 'fr',
  components: [Component(Component.country, 'fr')],

The library use google_maps_webservice library which directly refer to the official documentation for google maps web service.

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